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Blueprint Podiatry

Matt Shanahan founded Blueprint Podiatry out of a love and genuine care for helping people. From toddlers learning to walk, school-aged athletes, to mum & dad weekend warriors and their parents too.


Born and raised on the Central Coast, married with two beautiful children, and practising podiatry in the area for the last ten years, Matt has a deep-rooted love for his community, which forms one of the core values of his business and guides his decisions for Blueprint Podiatry as it grows and expands.

Matt started Blueprint Podiatry in March 2021, and he has hit the ground running. The business is going from strength to strength, with community spirit flowing through in everything they do. As with starting any new venture, getting Blueprint Podiatry up and running has been a massive learning curve; but Matt loves being more in control of what's being done and avoiding the mistakes that he's seen in the past.

A fundamental point of difference at Blueprint Podiatry is that they strive to make their equipment and practices inclusive and comfortable for every person who walks through the door. They are dedicated to improving foot health without causing their patients any undue stress or anxiety in the process. This means that Blueprint Podiatry is the only practice on the Central Coast that uses some of the newest state-of-art equipment.

As part of working with the local community, Blueprint Podiatry has partnered with the Central Coast Mariners and soccer clubs in the area to keep all of the players' feet in tip-top shape so that they can perform at their best on the field.

The practice is also very involved in giving back to the community, and they currently have a few initiatives running where patients can get involved in community outreach. This includes a portion of their fees being donated to charity, moving old shoes onto the homeless, and donating gifts to local children's charities for Christmas.

As part of giving back to the community, Matt has joined forces with Medina at Buckle My Shoe to bring you a fantastic collaboration. He will be in the Buckle My Shoe store doing free children's foot screenings and making recommendations on interventions and the right shoe to support your child's growing feet.

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