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Hi, I’m Medina, owner, director and creative spirit behind Buckle My Shoe.

Born and raised in Sydney, with strong Bosnian roots, the idea of quality over quantity was instilled in me from an early age. My passion for fashion stems from my father. He taught me that it's not about how many pieces of clothing you own but rather how an individual item makes you feel. If it makes you feel comfortable, empowered and connected to something important, it belongs in your wardrobe to be worn with love and pride. This is an ethos that I have carried with me throughout my life, a cornerstone on which I have built each business that I've owned.

I am a wife and a mother to two beautiful children, who inspire me and remind me to appreciate the simple things in life every day. The values that we instil in our children are the same values that we bring to Buckle My Shoe. Rejoice in the small things, respect the planet, and show all people love and kindness in everything you do. I want my children to grow up in a world of beauty and wonder,  in harmony with our natural surroundings and without fear of the issues which are so prevalent in our world today.

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Moving to Melbourne in my early thirties allowed me to retrain and go into teaching differently-abled young adults. This experience has had a considerable impact on the path that we have taken at Buckle My Shoe.  

Our mission is to provide sustainable, environmentally friendly, low-carbon-footprint fashion and toys for everybody and every body. I am passionate about working with small, local businesses which create beautiful items of long-lasting quality and whose values align with our own. Our choice of suppliers and the products we endorse at our store are directly influenced by my devotion to providing comfortable clothes and sturdy, supportive footwear for children of all abilities.

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I aim to create a space where people feel comfortable and at home. Where consumerism has no place, people can just be themselves, and happiness and love are in vogue. Come on in and have a browse; I'd love to say hi and have a chat.

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