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Hi! I’m Kat, guest writer for Buckle My Shoe.


Growing up, my mom was very passionate about ensuring that her kids spoke well and were articulate, so I think my love of language was nurtured from very early on. 

I have always been fascinated by the structure and nuances of the English language and have had many opportunities in different industries to practice and hone my skills. My working career started in 2010 in the business centre of the Hilton Hotel in Johannesburg, assisting guests’ with all their business needs. In 2012 I had the opportunity to return to my high school as a teacher, where I really got a chance to put my writing skills to the test.

Fast forward two years and the job market in South Africa was not looking good. My partner got a job offer in the UK, so we picked up our lives and immigrated to greener pastures, both literally and figuratively. I started working for Guide Dogs for the Blind as a support worker in the My Guide department, where I sharpened my business writing and proofreading skills.

In 2018, we once again had the fantastic opportunity to move to Australia, and we grabbed it with all four hands. I got a job working at Flight Centre, where I learned more about creative writing before working for a small Dive Travel company called Dive Adventures. This allowed me to test my skills as I wrote the copy and proofread for the new website.

Then, 2020 rolled around, and life took an unexpected turn. My job became work from home full time, then part-time, and then not-at-all. I welcomed a baby girl into the world and threw myself into being a mom and raising her in a bizarre world of masks, lockdowns and social distancing. When Melbourne went into lockdown 6.0, I had had enough of waiting for the world to return to ‘normal and decided to get back into working on my terms and doing something I’ve always loved. 

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So, here I am now, writing articles for a fantastic company that is so passionate about providing good quality shoes, clothes and toys for babies and kids. I am so excited to be working with Medina at Buckle My Shoe, a company whose values speak to everything that we think is important to instil in our daughter as she grows up. 

My role will be bringing you the real-life experiences of our family as we begin to navigate choosing shoes for our almost-walking nine-month-old. Buckle those shoes and get ready to walk this bumpy, twisting path with us. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 

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