Welcome Aboard

As we step into the new year, we have welcomed two gorgeous brands into our store – Bondi Booti and Pop Ya Tot.

Both Bondi Booti and Pop Ya Tot are Australian owned and operated small family businesses, with their roots running deep in their local communities.

Bondi Booti

Bondi Booti Mustard suit

Bondi Booti has grown from humble beginnings at the dining room table to home studios stretching along the Sydney Coast. The goal has always been and continues to be to create high quality, skin-friendly, unisex baby and toddler clothing that will be cherished from purchase to hand-me-downs and beyond.

Light-weight, earth-toned organic cotton and linen fabric is used to create every garment, including sundresses, rompers, dungarees, playsuits, shirts and tops, pants and bloomers, hats, bibs and blankets.

Each piece is ethically and lovingly hand-made and pre-washed to prevent shrinkage and guarantee longevity. 

Pop Ya Tot

Pia founded Pop Ya Tot when she had her children, and she found it increasingly difficult to find bed linen and baby-room décor that suited the aesthetic of her home.

It started small and entirely organically when she made her son a dummy clip, and a friend suggested that she make and sell them. 

Purple Wrap 

Fast forward six years and Pop Ya Top now operates from a showroom and warehouse instead of Pia's dining table and is constantly expanding. They are stocked in 400 stores worldwide and have distributors in Asia.

The range includes bold, sophisticated, full of personality, and aesthetically pleasing designs. The company's primary focus is on offering eye-catching designs for all babies, especially filling the gap in the market for more masculine patterns.

Hop over to Buckle My Shoe and browse the stunning swaddles and headbands on offer from Pop Ya Tot and the full range of designs from Bondi Booti.

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