Who is Buckle My Shoe?

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The idea for Buckle My Shoe was born from a combination of working in the differently-abled space and wanting good quality, supportive shoes for my kids without compromising on style. 

Looking for shoes for my kids at big retailers and even online, I found that the selection of good quality footwear, designed to support the growth of their feet, was incredibly limited or very mainstream. I saw a gap in themarket and started working on an idea for a store. When this beautiful strip store in Long Jetty became available, I decided it was time to turn my idea into reality.

Long Jetty art

At Buckle My Shoe, we blend old school charm with whimsy. The atmosphere is playful, almost childlike, as if you’ve just stepped onto a page of a children’s fairytale book. Wide-open spaces flooded with natural light. Minimalist fittings supporting brightly coloured shoes of varying designs, comfortable clothing, and hand-crafted wooden toys. A relaxed, calm environment to encourage extended browsing without the pressure to buy. We want everyone that walks through our doors to feel like family. After all, we are run by a family, for families. 


All of the products that we stock are kid-tested and parent-approved. Our kids are a big part of why we created this business, and they continue to play a role in helping us choose the products that we put on our shelves. 

We are passionate about making good quality, supportive shoes accessible to all kids of all abilities. We only stock items from suppliers that create original footwear, which paediatricians and podiatrists endorse to support growing feet. 

For fantastic service backed by knowledge and a winning smile, hop online and take a look around, or pop into our store and let’s have a chat. We’ll help you find the perfect fit for your little ones in no time.

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