After struggling to find her young daughter the perfect winter hat, fashion designer and mum of two Fiona Savaris decided to create a line of children's clothing and accessories that delivered the high quality and attention to detail that children and new parents deserve. Drawing on ten years of fashion design experience, Acorn Kids specialises in long-lasting, fashionable summer and winter accessories for newborns and kids up to 8 years.

A brand that prides itself on ethical and fair trade practices, Acorn Kids is a company that actively brings recent and experienced parents together. Each scarf, mitten, romper, hat and beanie is carefully handmade with love. Browse online and you’ll discover and eclectic range of brightly coloured beanies, ribbon trimmed straw hats, watermelon printed head scarves, fluffy bonnets, pink knitted mittens and much more - a treasure trove of durable pieces for your handsome boy or darling daughter.