Bobux School Shoes

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Podiatrist-recommended. Kid-tested. Parent-approved.

Well, folks, they've done it again! Bobux has released a line of kids school shoes that are comfortable, practical and long-wearing. All of the things you know and love about Bobux shoes have been rolled into a design that withstands the extra demands of all-day school wear.

The school range also has innovative new design features to make the shoes extra comfy
for little feet. The stand-out features include the Kid+ BBX Rubber Sole unit, a removable
memory foam innersole, refined styling to ensure that the shoes last longer, extra-tough
velcro straps, and a super handy spot for your little one’s name, ensuring the shoes that
they went to school in are the ones that they bring home

The Kid+ BBX Rubber Sole design is impressive, to say the least. Designed for dynamic
movement and all-day wear, they are made from non-marking rubber, which is lightweight,
durable and flexible. The herringbone wave pattern increases the grip of the shoes by
following the foot's natural movement and enabling an excellent 360-degree grip. Deep
grooves across the high flex area of the sole naturally support foot flexion and extension.
The zero-drop sole ensures that heels and toes are the same distance off the ground,
allowing for natural ground feel, flexibility, and free movement.

The removable leather inner sole is excellent for a variety of reasons. The premium leather
outer is designed to be breathable and durable, the EVA and memory foam inner for
comfort and shock absorption. They are removable to make it easy to adjust sizes if
necessary, and there are bright, colourful Left and Right identifiers to assist little learners.

Available in five designs and different materials, the perfect school shoe is waiting for
every child and foot in the Bobux School Range.

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available for your kids as they enter a new and exciting school year.
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